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The Poetry of Improvisation : Embodied Language Training

Action Theater™ with Sten Rudstrøm

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Once we get to improvising with language all kinds of mythologies arise. We begin to feel that we must be smart, we must make sense, that somehow our language-ing must be better. We want to become somebody other than who we are and what we are feeling at the time. This workshop is designed to tear apart those myths; to bring us back to “who” the moment language arises; return to our vulnerability, to the stumbling, blubbering fools that fill our hearts and heads and to use our struggles as a source of joy.

When you discover that language is a visceral  experience,  that words were not purely mental constructs but actual body experiences, your improvisations change. You are no longer limited by what you think you should say or believed should be said. You are being led by the experience. Each word, each vowel and consonant, on the tongue, in the mouth, teeth, air leads the improvisation. Awareness of the sensations becomes the driving force for language not thought.  Thought and imagination are assistants on the path of language, not the directors.
Specifically, we will work on:
•    using rhythm as the driver for text production
•    allowing association(s) to  add quirky, exciting details
•    zooming in and zooming out from an image as a tool for expanding story
•    how not knowing what to say is an opportunity
•    pausing so imagination instead of obligation fills the space
•    listening to the traffic at the crossroads of alliteration,  internal rhyme and mood
Come join this discovery! Play with  your body, mouth and mind!
Bring notebooks and pens, comfortable clothing so you can freely move about.
Participants are expected to have a desire for performance training, be willing to challenge themselves, and committed to shaking hands with the unknown.

13 & 14 May 2017
10am-5pm each day

130€ / 110€ (reduced students, unemployed)

Registration & Information
phone: +49 (0)17661063815

Sten Rudstrom has been working in the field of improvisation for the last 30 years. He teaches and performs internationally, founded the improvisation group EAT (Sabine von der Tann, Andres Noormets, Kate Hilder, and Peter Krempelsetzer) and is, also, a member of Streugut (Ingo Reluecke, Zufit Simon, Martin Clausen, and Alexander Frangenheim). In 1986, he met Ruth Zaporah, is one of the few Certified Senior Teachers and has continued to work with Action Theater™ since that time. With Satu Palokangas, he has developed The Core of Expression, a somatics and improvisation embodiment training that is currently touring internationally. His workshops are inspiring, exciting and challenging.